Best 5 online vape shops in 2022, Online vape shops Reviews

Best 5 online vape shops in 2022, Online vape shops Reviews

Today we’re gonna be going over my favorite vapor online vapor shops. The criteria for this are going to be specifically online, nothing that has a store. So places like mountain vapors are run by Ryan Hall. I’m not gonna be doing anything involving him because he has a physical store as well. I’m just gonna be sticking to a purely popular online store.

MyVaporsStore and VaporDNA


All right, first on the list is My Vapor Store. The reason they’re here is they are pretty much the same as Element Vape. A lot of companies copied Element Vape, My Vapor Store, and VaporDNA kind of want to put them in the same category. So instead of the next category, I think I’m gonna put Vapor DNA here, too. They’re just slightly better than Element Vape. Here’s why same as everything I said before, shipping times are the same. My Vapor Store does have an extra pro, which is they have more us warehouses than Element Vape. So they can sometimes get things out quickly, but that’s only if it’s something popular that you’re already planning on getting.
Now, for VaporDNA the pro would be that they do have slightly better prices. And they do have a wider selection. If you just go on slightly wider, not, they don’t have like a magnificent selection where you can just get anything. But certain things that Element Vape lacks, like VaporDNA would make up for it. Essentially, if you’re using Element Vape, VaporDna is probably like the second site, you use the most, or vice versa. They’re kind of interchangeable. If Element Vape is lacking in the accessories department, Vapor DNA would be excelling in the accessories department while Element Vape might have different things for you.
Now I believe they do sell batteries. I do not suggest buying batteries from them. You’re still able to. But I go to 18650. I think that’s what they called it. Are they called that? I don’t even know what they’re called. Forget what I just said. Don’t go to my battery side because I can’t even remember the name. They have pretty good sites. Everything is generally the same. They’re just a slight bit cheaper and have slightly more accessories, drip tips, and things like that. Mods are generally the same. They might have something for pre-order or before it comes out, but that’s really about it. All right?


VAPESOURCING And second, on the list will be [Vapesourcing]( I don't know how to pronounce their name, but they are a good store. Now there they are a great store. Shipping, the cons for them are shipping times are super long. They're not like the longest times compared to like three vape stores and fast tech. Those are gonna be the longest, but they do make you wait quite a while. They have our warehouses, but they're mainly shipping from their hong kong warehouses, and say one was wherever they're from, wherever the warehouses are. And I believe they have German warehouses too, but they do take extremely long to ship their product. The pros, though, are prices, the lowest on the entire internet, no matter what you will have, the lowest price, I can almost guarantee you that they will have the lowest price for it. Now they might try and get you what they're shipping, but it's very easy to find a coupon for free shipping. You just put in a coupon for free shipping. And along with already, they have tons of sales all the time right now. They're having like a spring sale. They have a sale every month. And they have the base price I wouldn't doubt that they're making like $3 to $5 bucks of everything they're selling because of how low it is. I don't understand why they're not more popular than other stores because like honestly they're the cheapest period. If you buy something new, that's supposed to be popular, it is one of the most expensive stores. The only time they're cheap is when you're buying a clone or when you're buying something else like that. But at this store, they do not sell clones. That's another reason why I like it. A lot of vapor will go check it out seriously. It's one of my favorite stores, with great shipping times for accessories. You got everything you need there. And I do think they have a wider selection than Element Vape, and a wider selection than Direct Vapor and Vapor DNA, and My Vapor Store. They got they have everything. And if they don't have it, they have a picture, and they say you can pre-order this. So that being said my number one store is the greatest in all of the country. I don't know because it's globally.


MyVPro [MyVPro]( is the best store shipping speed, probably one of the fastest that you get unless you're shipping from us locally based unless you're not in us but a locally based business that's next to you. This is gonna have faster shipping speeds coming from china to outside us obviously, I can't account for like Australia or parts of Europe. I live in the us. So I guess this whole list is kind of for us because it's everything's gonna change when you go to a different country. But in us the fastest shipping times that you're gonna find from an online retailer from china, again, they have everything, and their selection is huge. They have everything just like vapor. They have pre-orders, which give you very great prices. They have coupons going on all the time. They have sales going on pretty much every month, just like in April. Their website design is one of the best. Now Vapor DNA has a nice website design. This would be somewhat like that. On top of that, they have a membership. The membership is man, I can't remember because I am not a member, but the membership is like you pay a certain amount per month. You get free shipping, it's kind of like amazon prime, they took amazon and got amazon prime, so you get free shipping, quick shipping, and you get like extra customer support. Because I think they send you to like they put you on another tear and you get to speak to somebody else, and then you get sales on things. You get like 10% off or 5% off of every like product. So you're constantly just stacking stuff. If you have a membership, it's great. If it's still a great store, I still buy from there all the time, because I always know what I’m getting. I always trust it. I get it fast. When I’m doing the reviews, I’m generally ordering from VAPESOURCING. Just because it's cheaper. But when I need something right away, like when something comes out, I hit up MyVPro, and it's here and pretty much within the week that way I can get the review out quickly. But MyVPro is the greatest store But it's a great store. It's my favorite store. All right, guys. So let's go do it for today.

Direct Vapor

MyVPro In last place, but still in the list is [Direct Vapor]( Now, the pros of the store are they do have things early pretty much right? When they come out, you can pre-order a lot and they have generally really good prices, but they don't have the best prices of them all. Now their store layout is not the best. It's not that it's hard to navigate as pretty, and it's just not as user-friendly as other stores. They do have several selections as well as I believe for CVD and stuff like that. If you're not interested in any nicotine-type vaping, they have things like that, but they kind of fall short in some categories. So let's say you're looking for batteries and can't get them here. If you're looking at the way they are set up, things are kind of like how Chinese stores are set up. So you have the RDAs the RTA’s, the tanks, stuff like that, but they're all in one section. And I don't know if they've updated since the last time I’ve been there as of this blog, but it's very hard to get something if you just want a bottom feeder quicker, instead of just looking up all RDAs whether they're bottom feeders or not, or are all RTAs and DTAs as kind of like in the same spot, they don't have the separation of categories. That's why I’m not putting them anywhere higher on the list. The above are 5 of my most recommended online shopping sites, I hope they can help you

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