HHC vape - What is HHC? Trying HHC for the 1st time with Kalibloom Kik HHC disposable vape

HHC vape - What is HHC? Trying HHC for the 1st time with Kalibloom Kik HHC disposable vape

As you can see from the title of this blog, I will be trying HHC vape for the first. The first time, I’m a little nervous, so I have the kick, Cali boom, their HHC disposable vape. I have three strains here. I have purple punch. I have white fire OG and I have a white truffle, and purple punches in the cup. White fire OG is a Sativa, and white truffle is an indicat as well. Why smoke these?

What is HHC?

Let’s talk about what HHC is, because when I did my research, I was like, I’m gonna be reading for my handy Sandy. I bet HHC stands for Hexa hydro cannabinoid. HHC was created in 1944 by American chemists. Roger Adams, but it didn’t become popular until recently. HHC naturally exists and seeds and pollen of plants.
But when it comes to us smoking it like this, what I have here, has to be done in a lab. HHC is a hydrogenated version of hemp divide THC camp and Mary Jane those who plan total two different plans, but they are cousins, not sisters, cousins, the process with HHC they extract CBD oil from the ham, and then they put it through the system, and it comes out as HHC so think of like olive oil being turned into margarine. It is said that HHC can induce a similar high to d9 or regular, but as you smoke, but it’s not the same. It’s stronger than d8 and d8, but it’s still not like the good old smokes.

Taste it

I’m gonna try it for you guys because I’m open to trying new cannabis and head products. So here, I know t if you are in a state where you’re unsure of the legalization of HHC make sure you do your research. So I hope that was a good enough lesson. Now it was just some Information on HHC highly suggest that you guys research products before you do try them.


So let’s get into the back of general quick. It’s cute. And one thing I love about most hemp and cannabis products. They have a QR code that you could scan. And I’ll show you the Information for this particular batch numbers on the side. So I did not smoke since last night. So I’ve gone a clear 24 hours without smoking. So I can feel the effects of this HHC vape and like, I don’t even know what you want to smoke like. No, let’s watch a nice moon. It is late and I do have a long day tomorrow, purple punch, white truffle.
The packaging has like this. Safety thing going on back here and it’s like you can’t just open it like you got a hold on. And here is a disposable faith, so this is the vapor out the packaging and it’s cute. I feel like it’s a typical disposable weight that is rechargeable.

So it has that at the bottom, I think I should just be good to small crank. So here we go, cheers. It’s clear like d8, but it has d9 asked to it. Like I feel like it tastes like I smoked a regular car put on. I wish I would saw the tears in my eyes. We didn’t see it before vaping it away, but Jesus fucking weeds, man. Ah ah.
All right. So we should be good at that, but it continues smoking. Who is fruity? I give you that the purple punch is given some purple. Am I feeling something? Am I feeling something not probably spoken out? No, I think I’m feeling something it does hit quickly. I difficult to mention that. I forgot to write this in my notes, but I remember it.
HHC vape has more receptors, or HHC is picked up by more receptors in a cannabinoid system. Then D8 and CBD and D10, so like the high come quicker, and it’s more poet. Yes. But I could feel something. I’m gonna smoke a little bit longer and I come back unless I know how I feel, because I feel something, and it’s not like a leader. It’s not a butt high. This is not a butt high. No, it’s not, it’s not a day high either. I’ll be back a few minutes later, right?


I’m back, I never went anywhere though, I break for like 2 minutes, and then the high got stronger. Honestly, this HHC vape call me off guard. I wanna say it doesn’t not a butt high. I like I feel I’m not smacked, I’m a snack I feel smacked. But like I feel like my motor skills aren’t showing the snacks. I’m talking like how I would talk when I’m so about which is too fucking much.
Sometimes I feel like I’m smack, but I’m not snack go, I’m saying it feels like my spirit smacked, but my physical isn’t snack, but you can feel your spirit that right. No, but this is cool. No lie. I gonna lie to you. I might just even smoke this tomorrow like this car might be done in a few days. I like this. The only thing I don’t like about HHC is that it doesn’t come in flower, but it is a hydrogenated thing. I’m not gonna get bad scientific. I explained in the beginning already that it tastes like an HHC cart, and it’s like an HHC car or a cart.


I see you. But if you have one of those states and you see some HHC vape edit first, make sure you get it. And try it. I’m here for this, but like my body doesn’t feel snack, but my spiritful snack, you just have to smoke this, understand what I’m saying. This is an indicator. It’s not in the cut-in. It is great. It’s like it is like a proper bunch, but it’s not given into.
So I’m definitely like you can’t see it in my eyes, but like I’m some type of smack, but it’s not a regular butt smack. Like I’m telling you my spirit is high. This indicates Shane is definitely in the cut right now. I’m mad tired, and I’m madly relaxed, but I’m also not hungry. So you still get the munchies. I’m gonna warm up. Some of my plan tank porridge that I like to make some toys. Yeah, I’m a chill-up for the rest of the night, but I just want to come in and say that it’s at least a good hour since I smoked.
I like these peppers, I’m some type of smack, but it’s not rightless night. I must stop saying that all right. But you guys, even though it’s my first agency product, and I’m probably being a liquid bias, this is nice, so shallow to Cali bloom on this kick, disposable HHCv five. I read my book, I give it that. So I’m smoking this a little bit more, like smoking too much. I smoke like two puffs more and then call the George. I’m gonna finish.

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