Vape Review - Air Bar Box NKD100 MAX

Vape Review - Air Bar Box NKD100 MAX

Vape Review - Air Bar Box NKD100 MAX


What’s cracking everybody? It is your boy map from disorder vapes. Thank you so much for tuning in before we get into the latest disposable vape review. Now, today we got the air bar box in collaboration with naked 100. The e-liquid company has some right here, very premium. E-liquids have been around for a very, very long time, but basically, it’s just the normal air bar box, maybe with a little bit, a few minor differences, but they’re using naked 100 e-liquid inside all right. So very excited to try these out. I got it in peach, mango, and sour belt. all right. So there are a few differences, though, between these and the normal air bar box, apart from the e-liquid by itself. So I’m a run through those and run through the rest of the specifications.

Product intro and specs

Vape Review - Air Bar Box NKD100 MAX

And then we will try these out. All right? So as you might be able to see, these are up to 3,000 puffs. We got 5% nicotine, ten milliliters of e-liquid inside of here. They are not rechargeable, but they have a 1500 million battery inside, right? Huge battery. So they should last a decent amount of time, but let’s go ahead and just bust one of these out and try it out.


Vape Review - Air Bar Box NKD100 MAX All right? So it's gonna rip open a package like so oh. All right, but just comes in a kind of clear package, just like so. Nothing too crazy, just says air bar, and then e-liquid by naked 100 max. Let's rip this open, try out the sour belt, all right. Wow. That smells crazy right off the rip. I do get to say just initial differences between the last air bar box. And this. First off, it looks like it has a barrel-like tip. So I love that. That's my favorite type of mouthpiece on vapes. So that's awesome. Also, one other thing you can let me tell that these are like much weightier than the last air bar box. It's got to be that large battery inside, but you can tell there's a bit of weight to these. Also, they aren't shiny aluminum. It's kind of got a matte rubberized finish all around it. But other than that, I don't know if there's too big of a difference.

There’s no charge port. I’m just some air holes on the bottom. Without further ado. Let’s try this out on the front here, just as e-liquid by naked, a hundred max eyra box, says the flavor sour belt and says 5% for the nicotine level, right?

Try out

Cheers, let’s try it. Sour belt, interesting flavor there. My man, I’ve had that taste in my mouth before. I don’t know what that is though. Kinda reminds me of some type of juice though. These do get a lot of flavors, I gotta say off the rip a few differences though. I would say, even though the flavors are tremendous, these do have a little bit of a tighter drawer, I would say, from the original air box that I tried air bar box, and also just a little bit of a punch, your throat hid, I would say, flavors bananas on this, though, WOW, definitely get that sour taste for sure like a sour candy taste.

Vape Review - Air Bar Box NKD100 MAX

But it’s followed up with the kind of like a sweet, gummy, like the taste, honestly, the picture that they show on the box. I think it’s more. So like those like a rainbow, like strips, those like candies haven’t tried those in a very long time, but I do remember that is like the exact taste that you get off of that flavor is booming on this. You can tell like this is the naked a hundred e-liquid inside, just like the last air bar box. So the light kind of comes out of this corner here. There’s a little bit of a diamond pattern on the side here. You can see 5%. Those pack a punch got to say if you’re into, they have a little bit of a tighter drawn to punch your throw hit. So it’s a lot different than almost any other air bar that I’ve tried because usually there’s like no throw hit at all on these air bars. These definitely, you can tell the e-liquid is a little bit different. Don’t forget to hydrate.

Let’s go ahead and try the peach mango out for size. Here. I’m just with this open, real quick, push this out all, right? So this got a nice kind of orange color to it, rip the sticker off the bottom silicone piece, off of the barrel tip. Here we go. The peach man, that smells good. All right, peach, mango, tears, ma’am, that peach, mango, nice. I’ll say there’s not too much I see, this on either one of them, a little bit more, I would say, on the peach mango than the sour belt. But this one got to be a bit more smooth, and maybe because there’s like maybe some little bit of added ice to it, but I think this one’s a lot more smooth than the sour belt. Flavors delectable. Wow. The peach mango getting a lot of peaches is actually kind of tart peach, I would say because almost get a few bidders on the front end there.

And then it’s very, very sweet on the exhale with, the mango, but almost kind of like a sweet and sour punch with the peach mango. I would say that is good, though.


Like I said, though they’re not rechargeable, they do have a massive battery. You can tell because it’s a little bit weighty, but I like these a lot, the flavor. I love how they’re incorporating these like more premium e-liquids inside disposables. I think that is kind of revolutionary in the disposable space. But man, these are awesome. I like these a lot. Do you guys get any questions? Leave them down below, love seeing all the support. Thank you so much. Peace. Hope you like this Vape Review.

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