List of Common Terms in Electronic Cigarette 2022

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Today, I was asked about some common terms in the electronic cigarette industry a.k.a Vape. Because many of them are derived from nowhere, some small partners find it difficult to understand. So I took the time to organize some for you.

Electronic Cigarettes and Culture

  • VAPE: Abbreviation derived from Vapour (steam) or Vaporize (evaporation). Generic term for electronic cigarettes. The e-cigarette industry is more inclined to use it because it can distinguish e-cigarettes from cigarettes. In 2014, it was named “Word of the Year” by Oxford Dictionaries. A completely equivalent word has not yet been invented in Chinese.

  • Vaping: Refers to the act of vaping. Reference: Origin of Vaping

  • Vaper: A general term for all e-cigarette users.

  • PV: Personal vaping device. Short for Personal Vaporizer. In a broad sense, the electronic cigarette in everyone’s hands can be called PV.

  • APV: Advanced Personal Vaporizer, advanced private electronic cigarette device. These devices usually require users to have some knowledge of battery safety, atomizer principles, Ohm’s law, etc. APV can be a pressure regulating box on the market or a mechanical cigarette.

  • EDC: Abbreviation for Everyday carry, everyday carry items.

Electronic Cigarette EDC
  • ADV: all-day vape, all-day rations. Refers to the e-liquid that does not feel greasy after frequent use. E-liquid taste is subjective, so you may not like other people’s ADVs.

  • DIY: do it yourself, do it yourself. Including self-made silk, self-adjusting smoke oil, etc.

  • Vape Tricks: Generally refers to fancy smoking techniques. Such as smoke rings, jellyfish, dragon whiskers, tornadoes, etc.

  • Coil Art: Filigree art. Refers to various winding processes of heating wire, which are more popular among electronic cigarette players.

Electronic Cigarette Coil Art
  • MTL: Mouth suction mode. Mouth to Lung. Mouth-to-lung, suitable for small cigarettes and people who quit smoking.

  • DL: Lung suction mode. Direct to Lung. Suitable for high power, low ohm, and big smoke players.

  • MTN: Mouth-nose pattern. Mouth to Nose. It is neither mouth nor pulmonary. Smoke is simply exhaled through the mouth and throat and then through the nose. It should be noted that nicotine will also be absorbed in the oral and nasal modes.

  • Newbie: E-cigarette white.

  • REVIEWer: E-cigarette reviewer. Refers to groups who make subjective evaluations of a certain electronic cigarette through videos or articles.

  • RELXer: Yueke. Refers to people willing to use electronic cigarettes to replace cigarettes and reduce harm. It was originally the nickname of the RELX electronic cigarette brand for its users, which was taken from the brand vision of “good smokers, happy and worry-free”.

  • Cloud Chaser: Cloud controllers, players who pursue big smoke.

  • VGOD: The representative of fancy smoke shows, whose members have swept the industry for their brilliant smoke shows. commercialized.

  • NRT: Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Nicotine replacement therapy. Like nicotine gum, nicotine patches, and nicotine nasal spray, the principle that e-cigarettes can quit smoking and replace smoking is also based on nicotine replacement therapy.

  • ECF: E-Cigarette-Forum. The world’s largest e-cigarette industry forum.

  • Cancer Stick: Cancer Stick. Vapers sneered at cigarettes as the root cause of many diseases and cancers.

  • Stinkies: E-cigarette users relapse into cigarettes and find the stench in them, here refer to cigarettes. is contempt.

product base

  • ENDS: Electronic Nicotine Delivery System: Electronic Nicotine Delivery System. Generally refers to electronic cigarette products containing nicotine that can replace traditional cigarettes.

  • Cigalike: Refers to the first generation of traditional imitation cigarettes.

  • Vape Pen: Pen-style electronic cigarette. Such as ego/evod class.

  • Box Mod: Box-shaped electronic cigarette. Most of them belong to a kind of APV, named after the shape of a box.

  • Mech Mod: Mechanical smoke. Refers to electronic cigarette devices without control chips. Its safety depends on the player’s knowledge. Such as Philippine Cherry Bomb, Petri, Rogue, VGOD, etc.

  • Pod Mod: Refers to a closed refillable electronic cigarette. Such as JUUL, BO, Phix, My Von Erl, etc.

  • Squonk Mod: Squeeze e-cigarettes. There is a squeeze bottle of e-liquid under the RDA atomizer. It is a method of bottom oiling. Such as GeekVape’s Athena suit.

GeekVape Athena Athena Set

  • HnB: Heat does not Burn Such as IQOS of Philip Morris International, Glo of British American Tobacco, Lil of KT&G, etc., strictly speaking, they are not electronic cigarettes.

  • E-hookah: refers to electronic hookah. It was originally popular among the Arab population in the Middle East, and its representative brands include BLOW.

  • EV: Energy Vapor, commonly known as an energy bar. It is an electronic atomizing device that replaces nicotine with caffeine. Representative brands include Eagle, Nutrovape, etc., which are not strictly speaking electronic cigarettes.

  • TC: temperature control. An alternative mode of use that some e-cigarettes may offer in addition to the watt/power mode, allows proper temperature control to be compatible with the heating wire, allowing the user to adjust their vaping temperature.

  • Atty: Abbreviation for Atomizer, generally referring to the atomizer.

  • Ohm’s law: Ohm’s law: I=U/R. I stands for current, expressed in amperes (Amp), and R stands for resistance, expressed in ohms. For safety, this is the basic knowledge necessary for advanced e-cigarette players.

  • Sub Ohm: Low-ohm atomizing device. Usually refers to an atomizer below 1Ω, which requires a high-power battery and basic knowledge of Ohm’s law. Some players’ pursuit of low ohms can reach a dangerous threshold. Xiaobai needs to be careful.

  • RBA: Rebuildable Atomizer, generally refers to a self-installing atomizer. Including RTA, RDA, and RDTA.

  • RTA: Rebuildable Tank Atomizer, generally refers to a DIY oil storage atomizer with an oil storage tank, which can rebuild the atomizing core, and the oil storage tank wraps the atomizing tank. The atomizer that uses the non-rebuildable finished atomizer core must be the oil storage atomizer, which is generally called the “finished atomizer” (thanks to friends
    pointed out)

  • RDA: Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, refers to a dripping atomizer, with no oil storage tank. Such as Vulcan, Veil, Mage, 528.

RDTA - Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. It is an upgraded combination of RTA and RDA. Like Wismec’s Theoretical Atomizer.

Electronic Cigarette Coil Art
  • Wismec Theorem Atomizer Source: Baidu Pictures

  • 18650: A type of electronic cigarette external battery. The name comes from the battery size. 18 represents the diameter, 65 represents the length, and 0 is said to represent that the battery is cylindrical. Similarly, there are 18350, 18490, 18500, 20700, 21700, 26650, and so on.

  • PCB: refers to the electronic cigarette solution board.

  • Steeping: wake-up oil. Process the newly blended or newly purchased e-liquid to achieve a better taste.

  • Freebase Nicotine: Freebase. The current form of nicotine in most e-liquids.

  • Nic Salt: Nicotine salt. First used by Pax Labs, nicotine is made more stable by adding a certain acid. It is believed to be more effective than traditional free-base e-liquids in helping smokers to quit and replace cigarettes.

  • TFN: Tobacco Free Nicotine, Tobacco Free Nicotine. is a laboratory synthetic nicotine, patented and trademarked by NextGeneration Labs. Not subject to FDA tobacco control.

Some outdated terms such as 510 or well-known words such as PG and VG are not listed here. This article will be continuously updated as other terms come to mind or new words are discovered. Thank you for your continued following or likes. The most comprehensive vape reviews, provide you with the most in-depth specification introduction, taste experience, and purchase suggestions. Brings you all kinds of Vape Reviews and Pefect Vape suggestions.

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List of Common Terms in Electronic Cigarette 2022 List of Common Terms in Electronic Cigarette 2022
Today, I was asked about some common terms in the electronic cigarette industry a.k.a Vape. Because many of them are derived from nowhere, some small partners find it difficult to understand. So I took the time to organize some for you.
2022-09-02 Vape Review Team